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VaVeL consortium successfully submitted First Deliverable Reports

VaVeL consortium has marked an important milestone in its work submitting first set of deliverables. The deliverables describe in detail the progress which has been achieved to date in various directions of work of the consortium. The documents can be accessed in the Deliverables section of the website (

VaVeL presented at Data Science Summit in Warsaw

Dr. Maciej Grzenda (Warsaw University of Technology) gave a talk and a presentiation on 16th of May 2017 at Data Science Summit ( ) in Warsaw where was discussed state of the art in data-intensive architecture planning. The talk took place at a major IT event attended by hundreds of IT developers and Data Science professionals from industry and academia. Overall, the event attracted interest of 1500+ participants and partners, including Accenture, Roche, ING Bank, RedHat, Samsung and other. In particular, Dr.

European Project Space  – VaVeL project presentation in Porto by Dr. Marcin Luckner

The VaVeL project was presented at the European Project Space (EPS) by Dr. Marcin Luckner. EPS intends it to be a forum to gather research groups and companies that are involved in European R&D projects, and disseminate results at a technical exhibition and a panel session. 

The main themes of the EPS that was held in Porto were related to the following areas: Smart Cities, Green IT Systems, Vehicle Technology, and Intelligent Transport Systems.

Plenary Meeting at Haifa

A very productive meeting has just been completed in Haifa, Israel. Hosted at the Technion campus in Haifa, the partners discussed and resolved issues related to the integration of the first modules into a solid prototype that will be used for evaluation and demonstration purposes.