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VaVeL at ADBIS 2016, 20th East-European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems

In ADBIS 2016, 20th East-European Conference on Advances in  Databases and Information Systems, Prof. Avigdor Gal gave a keynote lecture on 'Big data Integration' ( based on research work done in VaVeL.

The evolution of data accumulation, management, analytics, and visualization has recently led to coining the term big data. Big data encompasses technological advancement such as Internet of things (accumulation), cloud computing (management), and data mining (analytics), packaging it all together while providing an exciting arena for new and challenging research agenda. In the light of these landscape changes we analyze in this talk the impact of big data on data integration, which involves the alignment of distributed, heterogeneous, and autonomously evolving data. Big data integration is about matching social media with sensor data, putting it into use in applications such as smart city, health informatics, etc. In particular, the talk will present advancement in automatic tools for data integration and the changing role of human experts.