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European Project Space  – VaVeL project presentation in Porto by Dr. Marcin Luckner


The VaVeL project was presented at the European Project Space (EPS) by Dr. Marcin Luckner. EPS intends it to be a forum to gather research groups and companies that are involved in European R&D projects, and disseminate results at a technical exhibition and a panel session. 

The main themes of the EPS that was held in Porto were related to the following areas: Smart Cities, Green IT Systems, Vehicle Technology, and Intelligent Transport Systems.

Marcin Luckner presented the poster “Fusion and Mining of Public Transport Data Streams” and an online demo of the created VaVeL framework. The framework will be able to resolve major issues that arise with urban transportation-related data. The framework was implemented as an Apache Flink-based application and is currently used to analyse public transport streams in the City of Warsaw. A real-time stream of the location of Warsaw City trams was combined with the public transportation schedules. The designed stream includes a predicted current positioning of trams and their delays. The aggregated data allows the city authorities to identify current issues in public transport and to create a pseudo real-time schedules.

The VaVeL Project is an academic partner of SMARTGREENS 2017 (